Systems Biology

Systems biology is the study of systems of molecules, cells, tissues, organisms or entire species. Living systems are complex and dynamic, and their behaviour cannot be predicted from the properties of one individual part. This study mainly focuses on multipart interactions within the biological systems, using a complete approach to biological research. This concept has been used widely in biology in a variety of contexts. Human Genome Project is a perfect example of these systems which has led to collective ways of working on problems in the arena of genetics. To model and discover emergent properties is one of the outreaching aims of biology, theoretical description of properties of cells, tissues and organisms functioning as a system are only possible using techniques of systems biology


  • 1-1. Computational systems biology
  • 1-2. Advances in system biology
  • 1-3. Methods in system biology
  • 1-4. System biology in cancer research and drug discovery
  • 1-5. Modeling in system biology
  • 1-4. Frontiers in biophysics
  • 1-5. Molecular and cellular biophysics
  • 1-6. Structural bioinformatics tools for drug design

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